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Saibsolutions team have substantial experience and expertise in the fields of procurement, lean supply
chain and sales and
Saibsolutions has extensive functional capabilities and undertakes performance dashboard development across procurement We have developed a step by step implementation methodology from setting improvement targets, through to designing Saibsolutions Technology platform provides the full range of scorecard and dashboard capability. We offer our unique platform combined with custom Saibsolutions team have deep operational experience and value chain insights across a number of industry sectors.

Historically, companies have focused on outsourcing non core activities and processes to low cost locations in order to generate cost savings. The recent trend in outsourcing has shifted to raising quality of output through specialist skills that are cost-prohibitive for clients to acquire and maintain internally. Companies are now leveraging labour arbitrage to get exceptionally high quality work done abroad at a fraction of their current cost base.

At Saibsolutions, we focus on selected specialised processes where outsourcing immediately releases substantial value for clients. We apply our in-depth knowledge of client's working methods and internal operations to seamlessly transition services into our organisation.

We are pioneering innovative models to deliver on outsourcing opportunities regardless of size, scale and complexity. Click on the links on the right hand side to learn more about our outsourcing services.

Web Portal Management

A web portal is a secure, unified access point that provides a way for an enterprise to share information and conduct transactions with customers, suppliers, employees and partners. Web portal is transforming the way companies harness their enterprise power and build competitive advantage in today's collaborative and global market environment.

At Saibsolutions, we offer a "One Stop Service Package" to deliver an integrated portal solution and provide a total peace of mind to our clients. We cover different type of web portals including but not limited to the following:

  • E-commerce portal (Customers and Suppliers)
  • Enterprise Portal (Intranet, Internet and Extranet)
  • Business Intelligence Portal and
  • E-Learning Portal

Under a highly customised outsourcing arrangement, structured according to client's unique requirements, we undertake their end to end portal management needs. Our differentiation comes from the following key elements of our offering:

  • Digital Commerce Support - For clients looking to maximise on-line sales, Saibsolutions offers a leading edge Ecommerce solution, extended to include commercial marketing and customer services support as follows:
  • Marketing Support - Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Paid Advertisement, Competitor Price Benchmarking and Website Visitor/ Traffic Analysis
  • 24x7 site maintenance & availability, ongoing site modification, upgrade and enhancements
  • 24x7 customer call handling and transaction service support
  • Future proof portal solutions - We have a novel methodology to design and implement future proof web portals, that integrate with new, legacy, cross-platform applications, data and meta data. After commissioning stage, we maintain client's portals to keep the information up to date, connected and continually adapted to their business goals
  • Affordable pricing structure - From design stage to on-going maintenance, our pricing structure is extremely competitive. We operate a lean model, with minimal overhead that ensures our cost price can't be matched by any UK competitors
  • Guaranteed ROI - We operate on a simple principle and i.e. to self-fund client's investment in portal solutions. We apply our in-depth knowledge and understanding of client's business operations and commercial objectives to focus portal solutions on the highest value opportunities e.g. increasing on-line sales

Whether you are looking to drive on-line sales, market your enterprise, collaborate with suppliers or simply share information with employees, we will deliver you a tailored portal solution of highest quality, at a cost price you can't say no. Contact us today at worlclass_webportals@saibsolutions.com and we will be delighted to come and see you.

Digital Marketing and Campaign Support

With the emergence of digital media, direct marketing has been transformed. Smart companies are using tailored marketing campaigns, directed at intelligently segmented customer groups to generate tangible impact on sales.

In digital marketing, a small investment in customer contact data and e-mail campaigns can generate significantly higher ROI from company's overall marketing budget. For marketers, this is a well known fact. They know rich, segmented and structured customer data is at the heart of every marketing campaign. However few are able to obtain low cost information services since majority of providers demand volume and scale to offer cost efficiency. We don't.

At Saibsolutions we combine our data expertise, technology capability with marketing insights to offer a tailored service to support sophisticated campaigns of any budget, scale and complexity. We manage end to end campaign support processes from contact database development through to rigorous campaign performance tracking. We provide a head start to marketers as we fast track campaign preparation by freeing up marketing to focus on creating content and devising campaign tactics and strategies.

Our approach is pragmatic and our methodology systematic to help clients maximise ROI from digital marketing with 3 interconnected service strands:

  • Contact database management - we build, maintain and enhance customer contact data continuously. Our expert data team starts by consolidating information clients already hold about their customers; their contact details, purchasing history and response rates. We then enrich contact database by adding a range of professional, industrial, geographical, demographic and lifestyle sources. We apply proven techniques to ensure data is always maintained in its cleanest form, normalised, de-duped and validated.
  • Tailored Marketing - We help marketing team build intelligent segmentation of their customer contact database to be utilised for tailored campaigns. Our digital team organises and delivers e-mail marketing customised according to campaign type and product-market characteristics, in full compliance with relevant regulations and data protection act.
  • Campaign Analytics - Servicing contact database and digital marketing is important but helping clients to analyse campaign outcome is critical. Therefore our services include proactive review of each campaign based on agreed metrics e.g. response effectiveness, cross-sales and up-sales impact. Our marketing analysts carry out statistical analysis to gain detailed insight into customer behaviour, buying habits, preferences, and price sensitivity to inform future campaign strategy. Campaign metrics are systematically tracked and reported through a tailored marketing dashboard that will guarantee to improve marketing effectiveness.

If you are looking to maximise ROI from your marketing budget, you need not look any further. Contact us today at digital_marketing@saibsolutions.com

Demand Generation

A key question businesses must ask before embarking on demand generation - are they chasing the right type of demand and customer opportunities? By addressing this question, companies can ensure investment in demand generation yields incremental return. Otherwise they are at risk of flooding sales team with leads, dilute priorities and take away focus from winning opportunities.

Segmenting and qualifying demand is a specialist skill that requires analysing and synthesising large volumes of customer information and market intelligence. Such skilled resources can be time taking and costly for companies to acquire, train and retain.

At Saibsolutions, we have developed a low cost outsourcing service model to handle demand generation on behalf of our clients. We have a highly talented pool of demand analysts with experience in consumer retail, industrial manufacturing and infrastructure industries such as construction, chemicals and oil and gas. They bring insightful understanding of demand characteristics and sales cycles in each of these industries. Our data support team provides tailored information solutions to capture, synthesise and present demand data and support lead generation.

Our outsourcing model has 4 interconnected services:

  • Lead management - we manage processes from identifying and qualifying leads through to channelling leads to appropriate sales teams
  • Lead qualification - we combine data analytics, industry knowledge and clients' business priorities in order to filter and segment demand that our clients have the best chance of winning.
  • Contact management - we ensure qualified leads are quickly converted into real bids by establishing customer contact and scheduling meetings with appropriate sales team
  • Lead conversion and analytics - we rigorously track incremental improvement and perform a range of analytics to support accurate targeting of qualified leads

Clients see immediate results from outsourcing demand management to Saibsolutions team - they realise tangible cost reduction, uplift the quality of demand and systematically raise the effectiveness of their sales teams in chasing customer opportunity.

To benefit from a world class demand management process without incurring the investment in skilled resources and tools, contact us today at demand_management@saibsolutions.com

Purchasing Administration Process

Saibsolutions team experience shows that companies who do well in procurement separate their strategic sourcing from their purchasing administrative function. There is a simple reason why this works - it allows companies to drive focus and accountability among their procurement resources.

With this segregation, sourcing teams can keep a laser sharp focus on doing deals, managing supplier performance and building key relationships. Purchasing administration takes care of contract compliance, purchase order management, supplier pricing and payment administration.

Companies typically devote their cost budgets and resources in staffing and managing strategic sourcing, sometime at the expense of purchasing administration. This is not always a smart move as effective purchasing administration is a key to realise full category potential and supplier management.

At Saibsolutions, we recognise the importance of purchasing administration function and offer a customised outsourcing service to our clients. Our outsourcing team is staffed with highly skilled administrators who have a natural orientation to work with large volume of contracts, data and supplier information. We manage the following key processes to deliver immediate value to our clients:

  • Contract management
  • Purchase order management
  • Supplier pricing and payment administration and
  • Supplier performance scorecard


By outsourcing purchasing administration to Saibsolutions, clients realise short-term purchasing efficiency but more importantly build a world class purchasing organisation, set up for the long-term. To raise purchasing effectiveness while lowering cost, contact us today at   P2P@saibsolutions.com
Financial Closing Support

Financial closing process is an integral part of raising performance levels in organisations, big and small. Through accurate and timely completion and detailed presentation of financial statements i.e. P&L, Balance sheet and Cash flow, a finance team enables full transparency on the real health of a business.

Despite the importance of it, our experience shows few finance teams are able to deliver on full financial visibility due to the following common challenges:

  • Typically, companies operate different business structures and IT systems supporting them can never be fully aligned and harmonised. Therefore, there is generally a level of fragmentation in IT systems and closing processes. However if these issues are not handled properly, they can cause inordinate delay in information arriving and introduce discontinuities in granular data.
  • Finance team can be locked in a vicious cycle of moving from one closing deadline to another and do not allocate sufficient time for in-depth reconciliation exercise. Limited rigor in financial reconciliation means statements do not get validated at granular level. This can unintentionally impair the quality of financial statements with errors and inconsistencies, which surface at year-end financial audit.
  • Finance support can be burdened with various administrative activities and may not have time, skills and resources for analytics.

At Saibsolutions, we recognise these challenges finance leaders face. We offer a robust outsourcing solution to systematically deal with the above issues and support clients stay on top of their financial closing processes. We have experienced analysts who carry out highly disciplined analytical exercises at set frequency according to financial closing routines of our clients. They are supported by our data team who present granular information in formats tailored to specific P&L and balance sheet items. This data support significantly reduces the time it takes to complete financial closing.

The benefit of outsourcing financial closing support to Saibsolutions team is compelling. We perform data reconciliation and investigative analytics with such skill and precision that clients remain in ever ready mode to face external audits, which is a hallmark of world class finance operation.

To secure a world class finance closing support, without the cost burden of it, contact us today at  finance_support@saibsolutions.com