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Saibsolutions team have substantial experience and expertise in the fields of procurement, lean supply
chain and sales and
Saibsolutions has extensive functional capabilities and undertakes performance dashboard development across procurement We have developed a step by step implementation methodology from setting improvement targets, through to designing Saibsolutions Technology platform provides the full range of scorecard and dashboard capability. We offer our unique platform combined with custom Saibsolutions team have deep operational experience and value chain insights across a number of industry sectors.

Saibsolutions team have deep operational experience and value chain insights across a number of industry sectors. Our clients benefit from our strategic view points and practical industry knowledge in quantifying benefit potential and improvement opportunities. We apply our industry expertise to agree relevant KPIs and develop tailored performance dashboard with speed and cost effectiveness.

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Building Materials, Construction and Real Estate

The building materials and construction industry is among the sectors hardest hit by the current global financial crisis. In UK, the industry has seen an unprecedented level of contraction in output. The residential sectors bore the brunt of the recession earlier in the down cycle and now the commercial sectors are affected. The impact of this crisis has shaken every player right across the value chain including manufacturers of building materials, contractors, architects, designers, real estate and facility managers.

While a vast majority of companies are quietly working through this recession, some are seeking to capitalise on the market turmoil caused by this recession. Such organisations are looking for pragmatic and novel ways to get more from their current cost base. They are leveraging capacity to dramatically raise service levels not only to keep their current customers but also to take market share. Some are using their balance sheet to acquire undervalued assets and are making selective investment in new products and services.

If you are one of these companies, Saibsolutions team has the experience, tools and expertise to help you position for the long-term. Our performance dashboards for building and construction sector are strong platforms to increase business profitability. These are tailored to new construction and RMI (repair, maintenance and improvement) segments of this industry. We understand the entire value chain from manufacturers to end use clients and have profound insights into the sub-sectors such as residential, health, education, leisure, commercial and infrastructure. Our team members are deeply familiar with the tendering and procurement practices as well as the design, construction, financing and maintenance processes for built assets.

We know how to help you improve your top-line and bottom-line performance in this difficult economic climate. Please contact us today at  construction_solutions@saibsolutions.com

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods companies across the globe are facing an ever rising challenge of pricing and cost pressures from a changing retail landscape. Their customers whether large retailers or relatively smaller players have sophisticated needs and are increasingly putting newer demands on their supply chain. This factor has largely been responsible for forcing consumer goods companies to develop more cost effective ways to sell their products and services to retailers.

However, leading companies do not blindly chase retailers' share of business. They deploy strategies to build brand equity and increase consumer mind share. Their tactics are grounded in understanding of real time shifts in demand and consumer behaviour to penetrate new segments. They involve their key suppliers in driving product innovation and up-stream marketing collaterals.

Saibsolutions dashboard capabilities are tailored to provide consumer goods manufacturers gain an edge in marketing. We can seamlessly integrate retail consumption data from providers such as A.C. Neilson, IMS and Hoovers into our dashboard platform to provide deeper market insights. If you are looking to improve sales effectiveness, increase market share and or cut marketing costs, Saibsolutions can help. Please get in touch to discuss your dashboard requirements and how we can support you at consumergoods_solutions@saibsolutions.com


Over the last decade, healthcare costs have been steadily increasing in the developed economies. With aging population on the rise, poor health conditions arising out of life style choices such as obesity and demanding patient care requirements, cost pressure is likely to escalate even further. This trend is evident in UK where NHS has experienced cost increase at twice the rate of consumer price inflation. An additional source of cost in healthcare supply chain is relatively high level of operational complexity, imposed by tough regulations, stakeholder diversity and demanding targets set by government.

In a climate dominated by increasing costs and complexity, managers in healthcare industry have little margin for error. They need to make timely decisions and direct actions and interventions based on real time information from planning stage through to procurement of goods and services and care delivery.

Recognising this as an opportunity, Saibsolutions team have developed highly sophisticated dashboards tailored to healthcare environment. We understand the information map of healthcare supply chain inside out and know how to generate, store, analyse and report on healthcare KPIs. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements with our healthcare specialists at sales@saibsolutions.com healthcare_solutions@saibsolutions.com


Over the last 2 decades, manufacturing industries have focused on reducing unit cost as productive capacity migrated to low cost locations. While emphasis on unit cost reduction is likely to stay, a new priority is fast emerging for manufacturing industry worldwide - a need to reduce total cost to serve their customers.

As a KPI, cost to serve has largely remained unaddressed due to inherent difficulty of measuring it. It requires rigorous quantification of customer specific cost drivers such as complexity of product portfolio specified by a customer, cost of after sales service and cost of managing customer relationships. However as operating margin continue to erode due to newer demand for stringent service, smart producers are shifting focus on reducing their total cost to serve rather than targeting manufacturing costs in isolation.

At Saibsolutions, we are passionate about helping manufacturing organisations by designing dashboards that are uniquely qualified to track, measure, analyse and report this critical KPI; costs to serve. We have developed advanced computational algorithms that combine data from multiple sources and levels to accurately calculate, predict and control cost to serve.

If you are looking for breakthrough improvement in your manufacturing environment, you can count on us. Please contact our manufacturing specialist at   manufacturing_solutions@saibsolutions.com   and we will be delighted to discuss how we can help.


Media industry is complex to say the least. The industry value chain has a multitude of interdependent players that include advertisers, agencies, media buying houses, media content owners, distributors and end users. This interdependency is at a relationship as well as operational level. Another key industry trend is the convergence of digital and traditional media, which is redefining both content creation and distribution strategies and their measure of success.

Due to its value chain dynamics and unique product attributes, media industry has specific KPIs and metrics to drive clarity, measurability and visibility of performance across end to end media supply chain.

To capitalise on media industry opportunity, Saibsolutions team have developed a Media dashboard that will transform the way performance data is generated, tracked, analysed and reported in the industry. The design parameters of our dashboard are expansive to cover a range of media products and services as well as standard efficiency metrics such as TRP ratings.

No matter what role you play in the media value chain, our dashboard solutions will give you a major competitive advantage. Contact our media expert today at   media_solutions@saibsolutions.com   to learn more about our break-through media solutions.


The current economic climate has hit retail sales hard across Europe. Many retailers large and small are struggling to weather this storm created by severe consumer squeeze. However online sales have been growing and our market research indicates that Internet sales will continue to grow during the recession, for example, UK online sales revenue were up by 30 percent in 2009, even as in-store sales fell by 1.4 percent as per British Retail Consortium.

Saibsolutions has deep insights and operational experience across retail value chain and have been tracking the development of on-line commerce in consumer retail space. For our clients to take advantage of this emerging opportunity, Saibsolutions has designed a leading edge Retail Dashboard. This dashboard helps companies to capture, analyse and track key buying factors such as broadband penetration in geographies, shopping attitudes, shopping patterns and consumer experiences of online and offline purchasing by product categories. We can tailor our retail dashboard to filter consumer insights and buying behaviours specific to clients' product-market situations. This feature would enable clients to position on-line commerce with the right product portfolio, precisely targeted at profitable segments and geographies.

Whether you are a retailer or a consumer goods manufacturer, looking to drive on-line commerce, we can help to unlock your sales growth. Please contact us today at   retail_solutions@saibsolutions.com .

UK Public Sector

With expanding debt level, increasing fiscal deficit and an ever aware taxpayer demanding value for money, UK Public sector is facing an unprecedented urgency to become an efficient, agile and citizen friendly organisation. To achieve this end, public sector leaders, both in local authorities and central government are working hard to deploy their finite resources to maximum productive use. However our experience shows that public sector leaders are facing practical difficulties in their drive to manage performance. One of these roadblocks is limited access to tailored information solutions designed for active performance management. The reality is that many public sector entities are still on legacy IT systems that are severely limited in performance management capability.

Nonetheless, the answer to this challenge is not in undertaking mega size, over ambitious IT projects that promise transformation but deliver little. What public sector companies need is an affordable performance management solution that can be customised to individual departmental goals and objectives. Contrary to mega size IT projects, such a solution can be approved with speed and rapidly deployed where it is needed with minimal investment and implementation lead time.

At Saibsolutions, we are committed to serve our UK public sector clients with such cost effective performance management solutions. We not only have the technical expertise but also have the experience and empathy to work with people to mobilise change. We have deep insights in major government initiatives, such as Building Schools for Future, NHS Transformation and modernisation of Welfare and Benefits delivery. We understand the constraints within which public sector operates such as EU procurement rules and our solutions reflect these unique requirements. If you are looking to get the most out of your limited resource, please contact us today at   ukpublicsector_solutions@saibsolutions.com   to discuss how we can help you achieve your goal.