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Saibsolutions team have substantial experience and expertise in the fields of procurement, lean supply
chain and sales and
Saibsolutions has extensive functional capabilities and undertakes performance dashboard development across procurement We have developed a step by step implementation methodology from setting improvement targets, through to designing Saibsolutions Technology platform provides the full range of scorecard and dashboard capability. We offer our unique platform combined with custom Saibsolutions team have deep operational experience and value chain insights across a number of industry sectors.


Saibsolutions Technology platform provides the full range of scorecard and dashboard capability. We offer our unique platform combined with custom designed solution tailored according to each customer so as to produce powerful, data-rich & visually compelling reports in the form of scorecards and dashboards.

Performance Dashboard Technology

Our Dashboards provide "at-a-glance" information about business performance across the enterprise. Managers and executives who need an overall view of business performance find tremendous value in viewing timely, visually intuitive snapshots of strategic, financial and operational data.

We customise our dashboards to deliver targeted data in the most consumable format for day to day operations as well as provide information to facilitate strategic and financial decision-making.

Saibsolutions technology offering is broad and flexible to meet the requirements of a wide range of companies from global, blue chip organisations to local, entrepreneurial set up operating in niche markets. We programme dashboards that seamlessly integrate with clients' IT systems and provide real-time reporting. We also host clients' dashboards on our server, periodically refreshing data feeds and updating output reports. We offer extensive choices to our clients to ensure our solutions are always affordable and exceed their ROI targets.

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Data Extraction / Data Feed

Saibsolutions team excels in developing automated data extraction from clients' existing databases & data repositories so as to produce live (real time) performance analytics and reporting. For scenarios where a real time view is not critical, we take the approach of semi-automating data feeds whereby we extract data from pre-agreed input sources and feed into dashboard at set frequency of update and data refresh cycle. For clients on tight budget, semi-automated feed option is a compelling, cost effective solution that is delivered through our low cost, high value support centre based in India.

Our team has extensive experience in connecting to all types of data sources available inside and outside the client enterprises including but not limited to:

  • Clients' ERP, CRM, Legacy Invoicing system or any other data repository
  • 3rd Party Live Data Stream (From Data Vendors like Bloomberg, AC Neilson, Reuters, Glenigan etc.)
  • Manual Inputs: Manually extracting data from an Excel, Text or PDF files. We automate extraction using our proprietary Data Extraction Tools.
  • Customised Data Capture Tool: We build a customised data capture tool on demand. These tools can simply be a survey or feedback form or a more complex vehicle such as offline sales tracker.
Data Processing

Before extracted data is fed into a dashboard's analytical engine, it must be clean and must pass the required integrity tests for accuracy, completeness, relevance and consistency.

Regardless of data volume and complexity level, we at Saibsolutions apply a rigorous data cleansing methodology that performs one or more of the following operations on input data depending upon the criticality level applied to each operation:

  • Data is structured according to client defined data hierarchy and conventions
  • Data is in placed in the correct cell, column and row as applicable
  • Correct terminology and abbreviations are implemented to enhance data intelligence and remove confusion
  • Duplications are identified and removed
  • Figures and numbers are validated by aggregating granular data in a bottom up fashion

These steps ensure that input data is free from extraneous spaces, punctuation, symbols and code. We perform an initial data cleansing exercise to test data integrity and purge data of inaccuracies and inconsistencies. We have a dedicated team to support clients with real time data cleansing after performance dashboards are commissioned.

Saibsolutions data cleansing and categorisation capability is one of our key differentiators for procurement and supply chain professionals. We offer a compelling value proposition as we work through complex data sets, often unstructured and uncategorised to produce harmonised information ready to be used for important business decisions such as category sourcing, stock turn analysis and supplier score carding to name a few.

Data Analysis & Presentation

Saibsolutions dashboard technology is underpinned by superior analytical engines, modelling and charting capabilities. We are pioneering unique algorithms to perform complex calculations with speed and efficiency. Our dashboard generates reports and graphs that are customised to be in any form as required by our clients including but not limited to the following:

1. Web based (html)
2. Reports on Microsoft SQL-Server Reporting Service (SSRS)
3. MS Excel
4. PDF or other formats

We develop customised scorecards to provide a visual representation of key performance indicators (KPIs). We carefully select metrics that help companies measure and manage performance with the ability to identify, highlight and alert their enterprises on negative and positive trends and outliers. Our dashboards are designed with built-in drill down capability to provide users a deeper, customised view of the granular data instantly.